Perfect World

Perfect World 10.0

MMO where the players fight against the dreaded undead armies
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10.0.0 (See all)
Level Up! Inc.

Join players from all over the world in the fight against the Wraith. Choose between 6 unique races with 12 distinct classes, fly around a constantly evolving world and participate in epic PvP battles that can include a maximum of 160 players.

Perfect World is a full-feature 3D online game that is based on rich Chinese mythology and set in the world of Pangu, with entire generations of gods that paved the way for the creation of great civilizations.

Anchored on groundbreaking creative elements and features that catapult it into the next level of 3D online gaming, it's bestows players with the power to create their own legend and, ultimately, their own Perfect World.

Starting from a Chinese traditional myth that the god Pangu built the sky, land, and beings, the game creates a profound cultural base and brings players into an age-old, mysterious and undiscovered world with epic backgrounds and a grandiose storyline.

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